Not Dead Yet – Dead Snow 2 Review

deadsnowIf you haven’t heard about the Norwegian zombie-movie Dead Snow (2009) then you are in for a treat – if you like zombie comedies, that is. The film resides both inside and outside the genre, poking fun and fulfilling the tropes at the same time. It is gruesome, but the actual massacre isn’t really disgusting. The most grotesque moment, for instance, comes not during one of the many intestine-ripping scenes, but when two of the group have sex in the outhouse. The film features the standard “friends on a camping trip in the mountains”, but ups the ante by including zombie Nazis on the hunt for their Nazi-gold. One by one, the group gets massacred, ending with our last protagonist thinking he finally got away, only to have the Nazi leader, Oberst Herzog (how many zombie movies have zombies with names?) about to finish him off.

And that is where Dead Snow 2 (Dø Snø 2) starts, after a quick recap, so there are some spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the first one. Our protagonist had his arm cut off during the first film, and during his escape he manages to rip the arm off Oberst Herzog. At the hospital the doctors accidentally attach the zombie’s arm, which turns out has a bit of a mind of its own. Meanwhile, Oberst Herzog and his army of zombies start recruiting in order to finally accomplish the mission Hitler set them: wiping out the quiet town of Talvik.

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Horror Remakes are Infectious

Movie: The Crazies (2010).

Some will, and probably have, characterized The Crazies as a zombie-film without zombies. This means it has all the creepy dead-eyed killers, but with the added element of the unknown. It might even make you reevaluate your zombie-apocalypse survival plan.

It’s a remake of a 1973 George Romano movie, but I haven’t seen it so we’ll skip the discussion on remakes. The plot is fairly simple: the people in a small town in rural America start behaving oddly, and it’s up to Sheriff Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) to figure out what’s happening. Soon the town is not only overrun by “crazies”, but by a government agency, keen to contain the situation at all costs. Our group of potential survivors must therefore do battle on two fronts, so to speak.

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