Captain America: The Winter Absence

captain_america_2__the_winter_soldier_poster_by_littlemissromanoff-d6dgl3mCaptain Steve Rogers is not a very complicated character. He always tries to do the right thing, full stop. But, that does not mean stories centered around him are any less dramatic, interesting or complex than for example the anti-hero Tony Stark’s adventures. That, however, is not to say that every Captain America story actually is any of those things, but the point still stands. The world around Steve Rogers is all in shades of grey, so who can Captain America trust to help him choose the right thing? The baddies no longer wear easily identifiable insignias.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier shows that SHIELD might not be the bulwark of protection and justice they all like to think. Steve comes into the possession of a piece of mysterious software that might change the face of humanity forever. At the same time, he must fight enemies from within SHIELD, and of course the Winter Soldier, whom I assume everyone already knows who is.   Continue reading “Captain America: The Winter Absence”