Nymphomaniac Review

nymphomaniac-posterIt feels like I’ve waited years for this film to be over and done with, but now I’ve finally seen it (despite not really wanting to) I admit it surprised me and perhaps changed my mind about seeing more of von Trier’s films. Before this I had only seen Dogville, and while I appreciate (or think I do) what the film was attempting, it never reached me personally. Lars von Trier’s films continued to fall into my “maybe some day” pile mostly do to this.

The story’s of Nymphomaniac is in the title, but you wouldn’t guess from the promotional material. The posters were everywhere when they came out. In stylish minimalism, all the film’s recognisable actors are shown half-naked at the moment of ecstasy. To me, they all hinted at a film chock full of several sexual “deviants” who would all get their moment in the spotlight. The style of these posters are far from what you get in the theatre. I saw an edited version, but I can not imagine a version that had the time to give all the characters their “poster moment” to put it that way.

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