Crimson Peak Review

crimsonpeakI have been waiting almost two years for this film. Expectations were high, but so was confidence. Guillermo del Toro would be taking on an old favourite of mine: the Victorian gothic ghost story. With Tom Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska in the leading roles, to actors already familiar with the costume drama, I could not be more hyped.

Miss Edith Cushing is a young aspiring author who falls for the dashing baronet Sir Thomas Sharpe. He brings her home to his dilapidated mansion in the middle of nowhere, and of course there are secrets and ghosts lurking in the dark corridors. You might be inclined to think of Jane Eyre, but Sharpe is no Mr. Rochester.

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Kosmorama Update + Bullet to the Head Review

This week is Trondheim’s annual International Film Festival, Kosmorama. I have managed elleven films so far, with hopefully three more tomorrow. By Monday I hope to have a more substantial list of films, but right now I’ll just mention Stoker as the biggest film I’ve seen (so far), and this week’s usual radio review, this time of Bullet to the Head. 

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