Radio Review: Looper

This week I had the joy of seeing Looper. Needless to say, I was properly hyped up for this one and I was pleasantly not disappointed. Looper is that unique blend of smart sci-fi, good action and great acting that you have to look long and hard for. I had a slight problem with getting over Gorden-Levitt’s nose job, but trust me, if you call yourself a sci-fi fan, go see this! I give it a solid dice roll 5.

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The Avengers

“Some Assembly Required”

Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America: the First Avenger (and, if you’re feeling masochistic, the first Hulk movie). Five films that need to be viewed to truly appreciate the amazing, and perhaps unprecedented, achievement that is The Avengers. It’s been over a week since its premier, so this review might contain spoilers. Before I went in I tweeted asking if one could be disappointed that a movie so completely lived up to one’s expectations. If you like to write scratching reviews, then yes, but I simply bathed in the glorious fangirl hum of satisfaction.

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Kosmorama: Trondheim’s International Film-festival

This week we at Filmofil, Radio Revolt, are covering Kosmorama. I’ll be watching as many movies as I can. Please cross your fingers that my cold doesn’t get any worse. Last night I saw The Woman in Black and I have a feeling its impact was dulled thanks to the pounding in my head.

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On Saturday, or Sunday, I’ll do a big round-up here with links to all the movies I saw. There are four of us, however, so there’s LOTS more to read and enjoy!