Pan review

Pan (2015) is the live action prequel to the classic story of Peter Pan. As usual, I begin with disclaimers. As a kid, I was never a fan of the Disney version. I never liked the animation or characters. But a few years later the magnificent Hook came out and I loved it. It made me understand why Peter Pan was a classic character, and also gave me a version I could enjoy. The live action remake, Peter Pan (2003), was serviceable, mostly due to Jason Isaacs. So when Pan was announced I was intrigued. I’m always open to reimaginings. But on the other hand, the trailer did not fill me with confidence and sometimes (coughstarwarsprequelcough) filling in backstory can be detrimental to a character’s mystique. 

This review contains some spoilers.

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A film described by many as intense and thrilling from start to finish. Based on the hype, I thought I was in for a hell of a ride. Instead, I got a film that took its time. But, while the film traveled at far from break-neck speed, it was certainly intense. At two and a half hours, it does not let you off easy. 

Prisoners’ stars include Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. Jackman plays Keller Dover, the head of one of two families that both lose their youngest daughters on Thanksgiving. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the oddly named Detective Loki, who is on a mission to find them. He is definitely the hard-man cop: neck tattoo, never lost a case, and willing inflict a little police brutality to get answers. Keller Dover is a devout Christian, always prepared for the worst, and willing to break the law, and some bones, to get his daughter back. 

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