BvS Review

batmanvsupermanMy expectations had been thoroughly put to rest after a week of seeing different versions of the headline “What Batman vs. Superman did wrong.” Hopes already dashed, I was still going to try my damndest to like the movie. Hell, I will still defend Man of Steel (and even Superman Returns in my drunker moments). Without even having seen a trailer, I was still ready to defend this film. Oh boy.

This review contains spoilers.

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Why I Loved Man of Steel

I did an explanation post for The Hobbit back in January, and I enjoyed writing it so much I thought I might do something similar for all the big movies this summer – or at least those films I’ve had to defend the most to people.ManofSteel

Disclaimer: These posts do NOT mean I do not appreciate and agree with a lot of the criticisms and fan-feeling towards these films. They just an attempt to understand why I liked them so much more than I expected myself to. It’s not a defence, but an explanation.

So without further ado, here is why I loved Man of Steel. There will of course be spoilers!!

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Man of Steel

ManofSteelThis summer has been a block-bustingly good summer so far. I admit to being a bit franchise-blinded these days. In about a year’s time, there is no doubt that some of these generous dice-rolls will have to be downgraded. Predicting future favourites is hard, but I suspect I’m more likely to do an Iron Man marathon than a new Star Trek one, even though I love them both right now to the point of irrationality.

Hopes were therefore ridiculously high for my next summer fling, with lots of fangirling on tumblr hyping it up. I did try not to put Man of Steel on a pedestal, but I also know how much I “just like liking things”. In the end, I came out of the cinema having had a good time, but in retrospect the film left me puzzled.

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