The Taller they are, the harder they flop

Movie: Tower Heist(2011)

This is the best joke I've seen in relation to this movie

If you go to this film’s imdb page and look at the “People who liked this also liked…” list, you’ll see such gems as Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Big Momma’s House and Cop Out, but also, for some reason, real comedic gems like Naked Gun 33 1/3 and Rush Hour (well, at least the first one was kinda funny), and also, for some reason Luc Besson’s Taxi movies, which I personally think is a crime. So, where does Tower Heist land on this spectrum of comedic law enforcement shenanigans? Not anywhere, really, because Tower Heist‘s only brush with such shenanigans is a drunken FBI agent (played by Téa Leoni) who’s clearly having a mid-life crisis.

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