Double Radio Review: Le Prénom + 90 Minutes

I got lucky and sat through two press-screenings on Monday!

Le Prénom: A French film full of Amelie-style randomness and absurdity, but with a nice core of engaging human interactions. Set mostly at a dinner party between five friends, the tension escalates steadily throughout the evening, beginning with one of them wanting to name their new-born Adolf.

90 Minutes: This Norwegian film consists of three independent stories edited together to form a study on men who do violence to women. Not all of the stories have the same level of impact, and I think it depends on how much violence you are used to in films and how cynical you are. Be warned: it’s not for the faint of heart.

Both films run off with solid dice rolls of four. Follow the links to read and listen to the reviews at Radio Revolt!

Less Than Shameful

Movie: Shame (2011)

Watch out: here comes the smolder.

When Tiger Woods has it, it’s a joke, but sex addiction is no laughing matter in Shame, a Steve McQueen movie that needs Michael Fassbender’s tortured face to work. The man is one of the most interesting actors working right now. That’s why it’s such a shame the camera man always seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong moment.

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Radio Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

This week’s radio review is the curiously entitled Martha Marcy May Marlene. Even more curious: there’s an Olsen in it, specifically Elizabeth Olsen, and she’s really good. If only the film hadn’t spent all of its time on moody shots of her on a lake, it might have bumped it up to a fiver.

Click here to read (and listen to) the full review (in Norwegian).

Dice roll: 4 (or a 4++ if such a thing is possible)

Spreading Fear and Entertainment

Movie: Contagion (2011).

I had to take a few days to digest this movie because I couldn’t quite decide if I liked it or not. In the end I decided I liked it well enough, but that most of my enjoyment comes from my human fascination about the end of the world. Unfortunately, this movie isn’t really about the end of the world, but more a possible scenario. This might make it more real, and therefore more chilling for some, but personally I could have done without this level of detail. The movie gets a bit bloated, but pulls it all in by the end.

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An Uncomfortable Meeting

Movie: Conspiracy (2001).

How do you explain to a person that the movie you just watched was uncomfortable, yet you’re still recommending it? I just finished watching Conspiracy, and I have a heavy, slightly sick feeling in my gut, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this movie again. In fact it’s so packed with information you’d be hard pressed to absorb it all in one viewing.

Conspiracy, based off a German film, dramatizes the Wannsee Conference, held in 1942. At a stately home in Wannsee several officials of the Nazi government and the SS meet to discuss the “final solution to the Jewish question.” At only 96 minutes, the movie consists mainly of the participants arguing over points such as who can be considered Jewish, and minor disagreements between the government departments.

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