The Triumph of Love – Valentine’s Day Review

Films about royalty - The Triumph of Love 2001This week I was planning on reviewing some Oscar noms, but so much has been said about them that I didn’t feel like being an echo-chamber, so I went on Netflix and picked a random film from the romantic category. Nearly all my favourite love stories are period dramas. I think that’s because the costumes and Shakespearean dialogue lets you get away with a few more clichés. The Triumph of Love (2001) embraces the clichés, and delivers on all the good ol’ ones.

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Iron Man 3 review

For full review in Norwegian, visit student media in Trondheim at These are just some expanded thoughts on the film.


It was scary, going into this film, because how on earth could it be good? The third one in the series, the fourth appearance of Tony Stark – not counting the post-credit scene in The Incredible Hulk. How could I not feel a sense of disappointment?

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