BvS Review

batmanvsupermanMy expectations had been thoroughly put to rest after a week of seeing different versions of the headline “What Batman vs. Superman did wrong.” Hopes already dashed, I was still going to try my damndest to like the movie. Hell, I will still defend Man of Steel (and even Superman Returns in my drunker moments). Without even having seen a trailer, I was still ready to defend this film. Oh boy.

This review contains spoilers.

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Thoughts about Star Wars – The Force Awakens

star-wars-force-awakenThe bar was low. I was one of those who had been burned before. One of the disappointed ones of 1999. I had my own reasons for hating the prequels, though I must agree with most of what RedLetterMedia has put out, and Belated Media’s “alternative version” made me quite emotional. But, when the crawl started I was twelve years old again and JJ Abrams would have to make his worst movie ever for my hopes to be crushed. An average adventure film was all that was needed.

Warning: if you are even worse than me and haven’t seen it yet, get your arse to the cinema. SPOILER WARNING.

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Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch Review

cumberbatch hamletI was lucky enough to see the live screening of Hamlet, broadcast all the way to my home town, thanks to National Theatre Live. When it comes to Shakespeare, I am always finding a “new favourite”. I therefore thought I’d take the opportunity to review the production with a comparison to my current favourite Hamlet. Keep in mind I’m no theatre critic, but I do love Shakespeare. This is obviously a stage production, but because it’s being broadcast it has the life and aftermath of a film/TV production. I’ve seen a couple such broadcasts and I highly recommend them.

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Anonymous (2011) Review

I think it’s come to the point where theories on who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays are as fun as conspiracies about secret societies or lizard people. Most (hopefully) know that we really do know Shakespeare wrote his own plays, but the thought that it was all a great trick is simply too juicy to resist.Anonymous_2011_film_poster

This does not mean that any film that explores this conceit will be entertaining. The documentary, Shakespeare: The Hidden Truth, tries wholeheartedly to convince you, but all it really does is show how frustrating it is arguing with people who don’t follow the rules of rational arguments. Anonymous (2011) is as sincere as the documentary, but due to our interpretation of genres it gets away with it. I do think that both films are infinitely more enjoyable if you’re familiar enough with Shakespeare to understand that this is an exercise in “what if” and not “the true story behind the myth.”

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Solan and Ludvig – Christmas in Flåklypa

Solan og Ludvig- Jul i FlåklypaI wasn’t planning on reviewing this, especially in English, since it’s a Norwegian children’s film, but it is also a sequel to a fantastic film more people should see, so here we are.

Solan & Ludvig – Christmas in Flåklypa is a sequel to the great beloved Flåklypa Grand Prix (1975), which continues to find new audiences almost forty years after its release. Of course I love it too – it’s practically a citizen test. And no, it is not beloved due to nostalgia goggles or parents indoctrinating their children. It is genuinely funny, well-made, well-paced and with great voice-acting. A story that is fun for the whole family.

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