Radio Review: Behind the Candelabra.

3I am back on the radio! (well, technically that was last week, with Kick Ass 2 but I’m only just announcing it now, ops) Summer is officially over, studies have commenced, and we students are back to talking about what we love and hate about the movies we watch.

This week I got to see Behind the Candelabra, or the much less interesting Norwegian title My life with Liberace (Mitt Liv med Liberace). Michael Douglas and Matt Damon star as Liberace and his young lover Scott Thorson. Through the ups and downs in their relationship, we get a glimpse into the life of the blindingly bright entertainer.

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Radio Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

As promised, here is my prompt review of Oz: The Great and Powerful. 

ozThere are so many things this movie does right. Unlike other revisits to fairytales (*cough*Alice*cough*) Sam Raimi manages to make things look incredible and feel just like the land of Oz should, right down to the sound design. With such high hopes, the biggest let down was the witches. Glinda is as 3-dimentional as Oz himself, but the other two feel like Disney employees wandering around the park. It’s a shame, because otherwise this was a perfect way to enjoy the Emerald City.

Because of hopes dashed, Oz The Great and Powerful gets knocked down to a dice roll 4.

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Radio Review: Anna Karenina

annakareninaThis week I had the pleasure of seeing another version of one of my favourite novels, and boy was I surprised! I was not expecting such a stylized version, but on many levels it just works because it’s a treat to watch. Occasionally, however, the characters get lost in the beauty of the set – something that’s really a crime with such a rich novel. All in all, I did enjoy myself, despite missing important parts of the book. It’s an utterly decent dice roll 4 for my favourite Russian.

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Double Radio Review: Le Prénom + 90 Minutes

I got lucky and sat through two press-screenings on Monday!

Le Prénom: A French film full of Amelie-style randomness and absurdity, but with a nice core of engaging human interactions. Set mostly at a dinner party between five friends, the tension escalates steadily throughout the evening, beginning with one of them wanting to name their new-born Adolf.

90 Minutes: This Norwegian film consists of three independent stories edited together to form a study on men who do violence to women. Not all of the stories have the same level of impact, and I think it depends on how much violence you are used to in films and how cynical you are. Be warned: it’s not for the faint of heart.

Both films run off with solid dice rolls of four. Follow the links to read and listen to the reviews at Radio Revolt!

Double Review: The Decoy Bride + Christopher and his Kind

First things first: I have over the course of about a month become a massive Doctor Who fan. This has been on my to-do list for as long as I’ve been a geek, which is close to two decades now. About three seasons in, I was already massively “in obsession” with David Tennant, which was no surprise considering how much I enjoyed him in Casanova. I didn’t think anyone could top him, but Matt Smith managed to not only fascinate me, but make me love Eleven just as much as Ten.

So, as per my tradition whenever I find “new” actors to obsess over, I immediately started going through both of their CVs. As a way to find new films to watch, I love this technique. Although it means I have to watch a lot of movies that might not be really good, they are always films I never would have come across otherwise, and even if I don’t enjoy the films themselves that much, I can still enjoy the acting.

I picked one from each Doctor’s past, fairly randomly. The Decoy Bride (2011) from David Tennant’s filmography, and Christopher and his Kind (2011), starring Matt Smith. Both coincidentally from the same year – the first one with a 5.7 rating and the latter with a slightly higher 6.8 on imdb. No big hopes for either then, but with middle numbers like that you never know. Let’s see how they did!

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Radio Review: Lawless

With moonshine, bootleggers, gangsters and Tommy-guns, Lawless is still not just a prohibition-film. Set in rural Franklin, it often feels like a western. Even if you can’t stand Shia LeBeouf, you have to see this film for Tom Hardy’s performance as the “immortal” Forrest Bondurant. Part Clint Eastwood, part Jesse James, but with none of the charm, he presents us with a unique and fascinating character.

Dice roll: 4

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Radio Review: The Cabin in the Woods

The radio show, Filmofil, is over for the semester, but I am still reviewing movies online!

After Joss Whedon’s monstrous box-office smash, The Avengers, last week, I admit I had high hopes when I heard he had co-scripted The Cabin in the Woods. Not only that, but Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was starring. It is original, no question, but I kept waiting for it to up the ante even further. I laughed loudly, and had a great time, but I can’t give it more than a dice roll 4.

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I can fly!

Movie: Chronicle (2012)

As a lover of superhero (or super-power) movies and TV shows, I have been looking forward to Chronicle since I first saw the trailer. The story “what if a group of regular people suddenly got superpowers” has a fair few examples these days, and I would argue that this version is a perfectly decent addition. It also falls into the more dubious category of “found footage” films, but it manages to not annoy me at all with a few clever workarounds.

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