Scary Weekend: The Pact + The Innkeepers

FINALLY, autumn is here and I can watch movies in the dark!  With that awful life-giving ball of gas gone, I decided to spend some time catching up on my ridiculously long horror watch list. I picked two at random, both from last year. Let’s see which one (if any) gave me nightmares. Minor spoilers ahead because it’s impossible to write without them.

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Bad Horror: Blood and Chocolate

blood_4As you may know from previous reviews of scary movies, I love bad horror/scary movies, especially if they include the supernatural dating scene. There is just something inherently funny about grand speeches and lovesick looks being paired with bad CGI and plot holes. Today’s review of Blood and Chocolate, however, came about from my desire to scour the imdb history of Hugh Dancy after his brilliant run in Hannibal (go watch this right now if you haven’t seen it).

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Kosmorama Update + Bullet to the Head Review

This week is Trondheim’s annual International Film Festival, Kosmorama. I have managed elleven films so far, with hopefully three more tomorrow. By Monday I hope to have a more substantial list of films, but right now I’ll just mention Stoker as the biggest film I’ve seen (so far), and this week’s usual radio review, this time of Bullet to the Head. 

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Radio Review: Oblivion

oblivionI admit my hopes weren’t high when I sat down to watch Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi epic – and that is exactly what Oblivion tries so hard to be, an epic – but I tried to keep my prejudices to a minimum. I have a soft spot for Cruise, ever since he acted the pants off everyone in Interview with a Vampire, a performance I have yet to see him top. Like director Joseph Kosinski’s previous film, Tron: Legacy, this one is a looker. Apart from having the same robot-makers as the people in Wall-E, it looked like they had just said yes to every concept drawing they were presented with. That said, it doesn’t have much in terms of plot or character development. Morgan Freeman and Nicolai Coster-Waldau come in far too late to save it, and the ending is mind-numbingly predictable. Think of it as doing a speed-walk through a renaissance art gallery. It’s pretty, but don’t take the time to discern any meaning.

Oblivion creeps by on looks for a dice roll 3.

Radio Review: I Give It A Year

igiveitayearThis week I got the task of seeing a British rom-com from the creator of Borat and Bruno. I admit my expectations weren’t high, though the fact that Stephen Merchant showed up made me ever-so-slightly optimistic. Unfortunately, although it’s made well with generally good actors, most lines just fall flat and I spent most of the time facepalming. Merchant’s lines feel forced, and he looks lost without Gervais to tell him he’s being a twat.

The film manages to be sweet enough for a dice roll 3, but I’d wait until it’s on the tv on a night in.