Radio Review: Behind the Candelabra.

3I am back on the radio! (well, technically that was last week, with Kick Ass 2 but I’m only just announcing it now, ops) Summer is officially over, studies have commenced, and we students are back to talking about what we love and hate about the movies we watch.

This week I got to see Behind the Candelabra, or the much less interesting Norwegian title My life with Liberace (Mitt Liv med Liberace). Michael Douglas and Matt Damon star as Liberace and his young lover Scott Thorson. Through the ups and downs in their relationship, we get a glimpse into the life of the blindingly bright entertainer.

I’m not sure today’s youth are too familiar with Liberace. As a 90s child, I was used to hearing the odd Liberace reference, but they are few and far between now, so I’m hopeful this movie might educate a few people as well as entertain. And it does entertain! More specifically, the cast entertains enormously.

Micael Douglas is back on the big screen and what a show he gives us. I am floored by his performance (I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Oscar nom worthy), but most importantly: it’s not over the top. Liberace and Scott have such affection despite their problems, and Douglas and Damon bring it to life (in glittering fashion). The rest of the cast are awesome too (Rob Lowe as the stretched out plastic surgeon was a personal favourite).

Two things I missed. More music, though the last number made up for this, and a bit more stuff happening. There were several scenes I just waited for to be over, and maybe it’s a bit too long. Still, the characters are worth watching, even if I can’t quite get over the sight of Matt Damon and Michael Douglas cuddling. Surrealism aside, it rolls away with a very strong dice roll 4.

What did you think?

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