Obligatory Star Trek Into My Heart Pun

My full review will be up on dusken.no today, but here are some expanded thoughts on the film. I will give a massive SPOILER warning when I get to those!

JJ Abrams’ first Star Trek was everything I had hoped it would be. Yes, it had its faults – I was never quite sure if I liked the villain’s reasoning despite Eric Bana’s colourful portrayal of him. Time travel always brings disappointment to some, and denial to the others over the plot holes that inevitably follow. Still, Star Trek was such a breath of fresh air after the unspeakable Nemesis that most fans were overjoyed.

When Star Trek Into Darkness was announced the title caused doubts. The Star Trek universe had always had dark moments, but if Abrams was going to turn it into the Dark Knight of sci-fi, I wanted my lens flares back. Incredibly, the sequel not only meets the bar the first set, but leaves it trailing in its space dust.

The opening sequence felt like a very good punch to the gut. There was action on a beautiful, alien world, with the dialogue we’ve come to know and love, along with a classic disregard of the Prime Directive. When the Enterprise shoots off Abrams has somehow manage to improve even that awesome effect.

When the plot gets going, the film alternates between small emotional moments and exploding action very quickly. Sometimes this feels a bit overwhelming, but once you get into the rhythm of it, you understand that the films slows down when it needs to, and goes into warp once the moment’s done. This is the first time in a long while I was actually afraid the movie would be too short!

This movie had its faults and a few scenes could have needed a trim here and there, but it surpassed all my expectation and I had so much fun watching it.

Dice roll: 5

SPOILERS AHEAD – some extra thoughts

As stated, Star Trek Into Darkness doesn’t have to worry about plot holes as big as planets, but it still has a few of its own. Some questions, like whatever happened to the Klingons, are just ignored. It wasn’t until I came out of the cinema that I even noticed them, however, because I was just too excited while watching.

There are tons of nods to the original series and the film The Wrath of Khan, especially towards the end. The scene mirroring Spock and Kirk’s famous scene is very touching, and Quinto hit just the right amount of desperation and fury with his “KHAN!” That said, a part of me does feel it was a bit of a cop out to cure Kirk so quickly. Then again, following in the footsteps of the previous film would have made things too derivative and too difficult to continue. How would Kirk’s “soul” survive after all when he’s just human?

What did you think?

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