Kosmorama Update + Bullet to the Head Review

This week is Trondheim’s annual International Film Festival, Kosmorama. I have managed elleven films so far, with hopefully three more tomorrow. By Monday I hope to have a more substantial list of films, but right now I’ll just mention Stoker as the biggest film I’ve seen (so far), and this week’s usual radio review, this time of Bullet to the Head. 


STK-9478-1.NEFMatthew Goode gives me instant goosebumps with his creepy, yet undeniably irresistible smirk. Like Mia Wasikowska’s character, India, we are drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery that is Uncle Charlie. There is never any doubt that he is up to no good, but India is looking for answers about herself as much as Charlie, leading to a disturbing blossoming of her character. Kidman plays expertly from the sidelines, not overshadowing her slightly lesser known co-stars. Stoker is a doll house with real life creepy dolls Charlie wants to play with. The setting, the mood, the sound design. Aside from a slightly “meh” ending, I was captivated. Dice roll: 5

Bullet to the Head. 

bullet I will say this much for Stallone in this role: he knows what he’s doing. Read the label, and you know exactly what you’re in for, even though it – at times – pretends its grittier than it is. The film could have improved with more definite stylistic choices, either more grit or more fun. As it stands, it does draw laughs, but visually its fairly empty. Stallone and his buddy-cop Kang play off each other well, and if you’re a big eighties action movie fan it might be worth catching on a night in. For everyone else: not much to see here. Dice roll: 3

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