Radio Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

As promised, here is my prompt review of Oz: The Great and Powerful. 

ozThere are so many things this movie does right. Unlike other revisits to fairytales (*cough*Alice*cough*) Sam Raimi manages to make things look incredible and feel just like the land of Oz should, right down to the sound design. With such high hopes, the biggest let down was the witches. Glinda is as 3-dimentional as Oz himself, but the other two feel like Disney employees wandering around the park. It’s a shame, because otherwise this was a perfect way to enjoy the Emerald City.

Because of hopes dashed, Oz The Great and Powerful gets knocked down to a dice roll 4.

Read the whole review in Norwegian at the Trondheim studentmedia site,

What did you think?

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