I’m already in line: movie news of the week

This week has been exciting thanks to several trailers, including Skyfall and The Great Gatsby that I had to tweet about immediately. Besides those two, there were a few tidbits that got me really exited.

  • Mads Mikkelsen is going to be the villain in the next Thor movie. If you don’t know how awesome this is, dig yourself out of your hole and watch everything Mikkelsen has ever been in. He always brings something interesting to a movie. My inner fangirl is also very excited at the dialogue possibilities between him and Hiddleston’s Loki. /via Slashfilm 
  • Jon Favreau, despite not directing, will still play Happy Hogan in Iron Man 3. This makes me extremely happy (hehe, pun) because I love when movies get the details right, especially with great minor characters like Happy. /via CinemaBlend 
  • Josh Tank, director of Chronicle, will be making the Shadow of Colossus movie. I’ve only played the game at a friend’s house, but I think it’s absolutely breathtaking. I do wonder about what sort of plot a movie would have. /via Deadline
  • And the MOST IMPORTANT news of the week: The Twilight cast is being shown off in three new promotional posters. I feel it my duty to point this out because the creepy close-ups have gotten so bad now that they can only fit half of their faces on the posters. Check them out over at  Den of Geek 

What did you think?

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