Old Movie Review: Inglorious Basterds

If you’ve never seen the mash-up of Inglorious Basterds and My Little Pony, search youtube for “Inglorious Ponies” right this second. Then come back here, please. 😉

Love or hate Quentin Tarantino, he can make one hell of a movie, and whether you love or hate this movie, it will certainly leave an impression. I don’t think people forget this movie very easily.

The most shocking thing about it isn’t the blood, gore or mangling of history: it’s how it gets the audience to laugh so hard while this blood and gore is playing out on the screen. Yet for all its action-packed funny gore, it’s really the conversations that make the movie.

Tarantino is a master of the slow build-up in this, and takes the time to stare into the characters’ eyes, watching as the sweat pebbles on their brows. It’s like watching a two and a half hour Mexican stand-off (especially during the Mexican stand-off). You’re eagerly waiting for the big finale when someone pulls the first trigger and everybody gets shot.

Maybe it’s too much for some people, and indeed, sometimes it gets a little full of itself, but I can’t help it: I love this movie. It’s ridiculous, bloody and delightful. It’s like someone made a movie out of your make-believe playtime as a kid, when you’d run around in the forest with your friends, and just made up a story, shouting out “I shot you, you’re dead,” whenever you wanted.

Is it a “masterpiece” as the line in the movie proclaims? No, I don’t think we could ever agree on a definition of masterpiece that would satisfy us, but for me, if Tarantino says it’s his masterpiece, then I’m okay with that.

Dice roll: 6

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