Old Movie Review: X-Men: First Class

This is a really good movie. It’s well made, well acted, well edited. I liked it. There were, however, a few points that really, really annoyed me. X-Men: First Class has an annoying kid in the corner waving his arms and yelling “look at me, I’m a big flaw!” You can ignore it for the most part, until there’s a lull in the action and you can’t look away anymore.

This is why this will be a SPOILER review. There were two major annoyances that, while admittedly small compared to the grandness of this film, just can not be ignored.
First off: January Jones. I had heard she was bad in this film, but I had no idea how bad. It was like watching someone parody a bad actor. It was literally like watching one of those creepy Japanese robots you can hug deliver lines. In every scene she was in her bad acting distracted from the good ones – all of which were absolutely awesome.

Second annoyance: the “normal” serum. So Beast created a serum that makes you look normal, but doesn’t effect your abilities. His second (after being smart) ability is having huge hand-like feet that make him really fast. How on earth can these look normal and still work? This is a major plot hole that’s just breezed over. How can Mystique look normal and retain her abilities? The very skin that makes her abnormal is the key to her ability. It just annoyed me how they talked over it like the audience was too stupid to question it.

The last annoyance is really so small that I know I shouldn’t mention it, but I will anyway. A lot of people praise the relationship between James McAvoy’s Charles and Michael Fassbender’s Erik, and I agree with them: it’s a very good on-screen relationship. The problem is that they’re closeness is too close. There’s not enough time for it to be this close and believable. I’m sure the slash fans will hang me for this, but there it is.

While the movie was probably the best we’re ever going to get out of the x-men franchise in my book, it’s a shame such annoyances ruined the experience.

Dice roll: 4

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