Old Movie Review: Thor

An old review reposted here.

Movie: Thor.

Thor has that still somewhat unique quality of being a good movie based on a cartoon. It’s not Iron Man good, but it certainly beats The Green Lantern. At least, I think this is the general consensus. Here are my thoughts.

This was a really weird film for me. I have practically no knowledge of Thor, the cartoon, except a few mentions of him being in the Justice League or something. But I do know a lot about Thor, the God from Viking mythology. Like the character Stellan Skarsgaard plays points out in the movie, I’ve grown up with these stories.
So you can imagine it took some convincing before I accepted the fact that these were really aliens and the Jotner (the origins of trolls in our mythology) looked like a pale Blue Man group with a bad skin condition.

It managed it quite well, actually. I got into the spirit of things before the first scene was over. All the actors played their parts well, considering how little they had to work with, and the effects and general badassness of the film kept me entertained. Also, a lot of nicely timed funny lines added to my enjoyment, though I’m not sure if I was laughing because the jokes were funny, or if I was surprised there were funny jokes at all.

The big downside to this film was undoubtedly that it felt so incredibly rushed I didn’t even realize the two hours had passed. Thor’s “lesson learned” must have taken up all of ten pages in the script, I think, for all the time his character has to develop. Considering everything that’s in the film, it’s amazing it doesn’t feel more confusing than it did.

Loki was the real interesting character of course, but I also loved the dynamic between the brothers. With these actors and characters you could have explored so much more deeper and interesting territory, but for a two hour blockbuster it kept a necessary high pace. Still, it often felt like we barely got a glimpse into a much bigger world. Like we are the mortals who merely got a taste of it. That said, I’m not waiting for a sequel.

Dice roll: 4

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