Old Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

Dropping down the rabbit hole to see what’s been happening in “Underland” leaves me with a feeling of disappointing nostalgia. I think Tim Burton was replaced by a robot replica a long time ago, and all we see now is its automatic movie-making capabilities.

Alice in Wonderland is all about Alice finding her way back down the rabbit hole to discover she’s the prophesied savior of Underland. This means the movie has a very specific plot: the “reluctant hero steps up at the last moment to save the day”-story, but in a world where nothing is suppose to make sense. This means that the plot makes so sense!  The predictable plot made it seem like a traditional fantasy summer movie, like Eragon in drag.

Take the Mad Hatter. He isn’t suppose to be sad or angry at the queen’s tyranny. He’s mad, and while Depp is surely the man for the job, I felt his too mad costume made him stiff and unable to show off his true skills.

There are redeeming qualities. Sometimes, when the nostalgia is at its peak and there’s dialogue that’s in true Carroll spirit, I felt glad to be there. It’s just a pity they so quickly jump into action sequences instead.

The white queen I found very funny for some reason, and I’m not sure that was intentional from the Burton, but I liked it. Anne Hathaway was very good.

So all in all it’s watchable, but perhaps Burton should have just done another remake of the original.

Dice roll: 3

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