So this is my film blog…

First posts are always a challenge. I suppose an introduction is necessary.

Why did I feel the need to send another blog into the overpopulated blogosphere? For the same reason as most: I imagine I have an opinion.  About what, you might ask.

I love movies. I love all kinds of movies: bad, good , artsy (occasionally), blockbuster, old, new. I love all genres too, from sci-fi to romantic comedy.

I also love reading reviews, especially about movies I’ve already seen. I love it when someone points out every flaw I managed to see in the theater, and do it in a really amusing/sarcastic way. It makes me giggle and feel smart at the same time, which doesn’t happen often.

This blog, however, probably won’t be eviscerating movies like the professionals, and not just because I’m no professional. In my book every movie has the potential to entertain. Every movie, even the bad ones, might be the “best movie EVER” to someone (even Twilight).

So here at Film Dice I wanted to write about how I watch movies. Every single one starts out with the perfect rating: a 6 out of 6. Why 6? Because in Norway they use dice rolls to rate movies and it’s just what I’m used to basically.

After a viewing, however, a movie might roll a very different score.

The point is if you want scratching sarcasm, you might find some occasionally, but mostly I’ll be trying my best to roll those 6’s.

So keep watching movies,

Film Roller.

What did you think?

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